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Learn A Second Language: 7 Reasons Why You Really, Really Should.

Did you know that (according to on average bilingual employees get paid 5-8% more than their monolingual equivalents?

With an average salary in the USA that's an extra $2,250-$3,600 extra EVERY YEAR!!!

Learning languages is like any other great thing in life, it takes time, I mean like - YEARS.

However, in order to maintain the habit of studying daily, we need to know exactly why it is we are showing up every day! Luckily, unlike many things, by learning a language we are guaranteed enrichment in our lives.

Just to give you some ideas, here are the 7 reasons why you should learn a language.

cartoon man sitting on a rock in panama city with a bunch of money around him

1 - Learn A Second Language: Get A Better Job 💵

The first reason why we should learn English is that it can help us substantially increase our income (depending on the industry).

If you live in the United States, you are in the second biggest Spanish-speaking country in the world with around 52.6 million total speakers, the only country ahead of us is Mexico!

Below is a chart that shows which languages are spoken most in the USA so you understand the demand.

graph showing the most spoken languages in the USA

The truth is - the modern (and globalized) world has given way to the ability to trade and collaborate with international companies with ease. But in order to achieve this, we need to have a common language in which we can speak.

That's where special people like you come in, people who are willing to put the work in upfront to bring value to the table!

So if you're wondering why you should learn a second language, think about how future employers will be able to differentiate you from people who didn't learn one! Learning a language is no easy task, even the "easiest" languages take thousands of hours to learn!

It's because of this that learning a language shows your future employer that you are a committed, and intelligent person who can fit in and adapt to any environment.

So it should come as no surprise that companies in all countries and industries value employees who can speak a second language.

2 - Learn A Language For New Opportunities 🚀

I believe one of the most magical reasons to learn a language is the unknown. When I started learning Spanish in 2019, I didn't even think it was possible that I would get "fluent."

I thought "I'll learn some phrases that I'll be able to use with some of my coworkers."

But man was I wrong... Not only did I reach fluency, but this lead me to going to Panama, where I met many wonderful people, then I went again, and now I'm going to Mexico.

picture I took of Parque Omar in Panama City, Panama

Picture Taken at Parque Omar, an incredibly modern and beautiful park in Panama City, Panama.

I can't even describe how many mind-blowing experiences I've had because I learned Spanish - but just remember this; It will bear fruit too beautiful for you to imagine now.

Be it a freaking amazing job, a new friend, a significant other, or just some amazing trips abroad with unimaginable experiences - new opportunities will come your way... That's a promise!

3 - Learn A Second Language For Diverse Education and Information 💻

“That's great Ben, employers will see me as more trustworthy, I'll make more money and you had amazing experiences because of learning languages.

But I still wonder… why should I learn a second language?”

Well, if those reasons didn't convince you, how about the fact that there is a whole other side to the internet out there, so close, but so far.

You just need to be able to search in another language to access it. Recipes, ideas, articles, all new material that we cannot enjoy until we learn the language.

And not just the internet, I have read wonderful books that I wouldn't have otherwise found if I didn't know Spanish. At the time of writing this I am reading "El llano en llamas" and it is literally the best written book I have ever read.

And of course, we can use Google Translate. But any bilingual person has seen how Google Translate distorts the message and sometimes it just makes some horrible mistakes.

Picture of me reading "El Llano En Llamas" By Mexican Author Juan Rulfo

Me reading the incredible book I mentioned "El Llano En Llamas" By Juan Rulfo

4 - Learn, Mess Up, Humble Yourself & Triumph 💁

I know it may sound scary to be speaking for the first time with a native, knowing you are probably going to make mistakes. The truth, it's probably even worse than what you think!

No lie, you will struggle in the first 150 conversations, and this will show you a nice piece of humanity. Almost any person who immigrated to your country from another had to experience that and had to spend so much time learning.

In general, you will be received with so much kindness and care that it probably will not even embarrass you anymore.

This is a humbling experience, and whenever you begin to speak the language fluently, you will be more proud of yourself than ever before. It's an experience like no other!

5 - Learn A Second Language & Travel Better! ✈️

According to Mondly, there are a total of 20 countries that have Spanish as their official language. If one day you want to travel through Casco Antiguo, Panama - or the beautiful beaches of Cancun – Spanish will be key to connecting with the locals.

When I started learning Spanish, I changed my wallpaper to photos from Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, etc. And it always gave me the inspiration to continue my studies.

Just look at these photos I took in Panama when I finally got to live in the language! And remember, you will be able to live those experiences too, not just as a tourist, but as a part of the community.

Pretty old town in Panama

Casco Antiguo, Panamá

Colorful town in Panama (Portobelo)

Portobelo, Colón, Panamá

6 - Learn A Second Language For Your Health 🧠

You might have heard before that learning languages is good for your brain, but is that true? The answer is - ABSOLUTELY!

Here is an interesting study that was carried out by researchers from the Lund University. They took two groups of students; one which was not going to study languages, and the other who was soon going to indure an intensive language learning program.

The students received MRI scans before and after they finished the three-month intensive studies, and the only changes seen were in the language-studying group.

What they saw was growth in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls memory and emotion, and also in three areas of the cerebral cortex.

Meaning that learning a language literally makes your brain grow! Imagine that!

They also have found that learning a second language helps fight off dementia in your later years. I mean, come on! You have to be convinced at this point, no?

7 - Learn A Second Language To Prove That You Can!

I know this might sound ridiculous, but what if you just learned a language for - fun? Don't laugh at me yet, hear me out. There will be days that you feel exhausted.

There will be times you don't want to study, but your self-discipline will triumph.

One day you'll no longer struggle with the language, and you'll look back with nostalgia at all the hours you spent learning vocabulary, phrases and grammar.

I bet that a part of you will wish you could go back to one of the early study sessions and relive it, just to remember what life was like before knowing the language.

This is a common feeling, with everything - right? We struggle, we fight, we have hunger, and once we overcome all of this, we reflect on those moments with melancholy.

Cartoon kid learning languages with a thought bubble full of different languages (Tagalog, Italian, English, French, Spanish)

Learning a language will 100% change your life, so try and enjoy the process - and you've already won. But how do you "enjoy an unbearable confusion" while you study grammar? You don't. Don't do anything that you hate, period.

I went from Hola to C1 (Advanced) in 3 years, and I never did anything that made me hate studying, I just listened to music, read interesting content, and used some apps like drops.

Believe it or not, you can study for fun, and that can be your "reason" for learning a language. I am learning French right now, just for fun.

Conclusion: Reasons To Learn A Second Language

There are many important reasons why you should learn a second language, whether you want a better job, enriching life experiences you wouldn't otherwise get, or maybe you just would like to offset dementia by 5 years.

Language learning is for everyone, and we can all enjoy it if we do it in a fun way and with clear goals in mind.

I hope this article has helped you get inspiration as to why you should learn a second language, if you have any other reasons that you think are important, please comment or email me and I'd love to discuss them.

Now that you know why you should learn a language! Go ahead and get started. If you want to know how I learn languages, here's a list with all of the methods I use.

Have a wonderful day and learn a lot!

~ Ben


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