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Full Guide: Body Parts In Spanish

Are you ready to learn all of the words used to refer to the Cuerpo Humano (Human body)?

In this tiny article we’ll go over almost all of the body parts, and then at the end I’ll show you how to use them - which is a bit different than in English.

Are you ready to jump into the lesson? Open your ojos (eyes) wide and straighten your hombros (shoulders), you’re about to take your Spanish to the next level!

picture of cartoon man flexing muscles with a title that says "Body Parts In Spanish"

Most Commonly Used Body Part Vocab In Spanish

  • Head - La cabeza

  • Eyes - Los ojos

  • Nose - La naríz

  • Face - La cara

  • Ears - Las orejas

  • Lips - Los labios

  • Tongue - La lengua

  • Feet - Los pies

  • Hands - Las manos

  • Arms - Los brazos

Head, Face, Facial Features

  • Head - La cabeza

  • Face - La cara

  • Eyes - Los ojos

  • Eyebrows - Las cejas

  • Eyelashes - Las pestañas

  • Eyelids - Los párpados

  • Pupils - Las pupilas

  • Nose - La nariz

  • Cheeks - Las mejillas

  • Lips - Los labios

  • Mouth - La boca

  • Teeth - Los dientes

  • Tongue - La lengua

  • Chin - La barbilla

  • Jaw - La mandíbula

  • Forehead - La frente

  • Temples - Las sienes

a picture of a cartoon face with each part of her face labeled in spanish and english

Shoulders & Body

  • Shoulders - Los hombros

  • Neck - El cuello

  • Chest - El pecho

  • Waist - La cintura

  • Breast (female) - El seno

  • Breastbone (sternum) - El esternón

  • Stomach - El estómago

  • Nipples - Los pezones

  • Belly button - El ombligo

Arms & Hands

  • Arms - Los brazos

  • Bicep - El bíceps

  • Elbows - Los codos

  • Forearms - Los antebrazos

  • Wrists - Las muñecas

  • Hands - Las manos

  • Fingers - Los dedos

  • Thumb - El pulgar

  • Index finger - El índice

  • Middle finger - El medio

  • Ring finger - El anular

  • Pinky finger - El meñique

the hand in spanish (each finger is labeled in spanish and english)

Legs & Feet

  • Thighs - Los muslos

  • Knees - Las rodillas

  • Shins - Las espinillas

  • Calves - Las pantorrillas

  • Ankles - Los tobillos

  • Heels - Los talones

  • Feet - Los pies

  • Toes - Los dedos de los pies

  • Sole of the foot - La planta del pie

  • Arch of the foot - El arco del pie

  • Achilles tendon - El tendón de Aquiles

Using Correct Grammar When Mentioning Body Parts

The way we talk about body parts in Spanish is quite different from how we do it in English because we don't use definite articles sometimes.

For example, in English we say “My feet hurt”, whereas in Spanish we say literally “Me they are hurting the feet” (Me duelen los pies).

This is a commonality that you will find constantly, so just remember this. In general, when mentioning body parts you include their definite article (El/La/Los/Las).

Here are a couple more examples of this grammatical difference in action:

My head hurts - Me duele la cabeza (Lit* Me it hurts the head)

Put your hands up like this - Levanta las manos así (Lit* Lift the hands like this)

However, sometimes we do use possessive pronouns like “Your” and “My”. Let’s take a look at a couple examples of this.

My feet are big - Mis pies son grandes (Lit* My feet are big)

My eyes are chestnut colored - Mis ojos son color castaño (Lit* My eyes are color chestnut)


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