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Learn Spanish With These Netflix Shows & Movies

Hey, language learners and Netflix enthusiasts! ¿Listos para aprender español?

If you've ever dreamed of becoming a Spanish pro while binge-watching your favorite shows, this article is your ultimate guide!

Netflix isn't just for entertainment; it can be your secret weapon for mastering español too. Say adiós to boring textbooks and hola to language learning in the coziest way possible – on your couch!

Let’s spill the frijoles on the 9 best shows & movies to learn Spanish with on Netflix. In the end, I’ll give 3 tips on how to make the most of Netflix's potential to teach you Spanish.

So grab your snacks, settle in, and let's dive into the world of Spanish learning with Netflix! 🎬📚

Summary: Learn Spanish With These 9 Shows & Movies On Netflix

Amongst many others that didn’t make this list, the shows that I recommend most for any Spanish learner are:

  • Narcos (Colombia)

  • Nicky Jam (Puerto Rico)

  • Casa De Papel [Money Heist] (Spain)

  • Made In Mexico (Mexico)

  • Ingobernable (Mexico)

Get the popcorn and blankets ready, these 3 movies are going to make for the perfect language-learning movie night of all time:

  • La Familia Perfecta [The Perfect Family] (Spain)

  • Como Caído Del Cielo [Like Fallen From The Sky] (Mexico)

  • Ahí Te Encargo [You’ve Got This] (Mexico)

  • Cuarentones [40 Years Young] (Mexico)

picture of a cartoon character on her computer that says "Best Netflix Shows/Movies To Learn Spanish"

The 4 Best Series On Netflix To Learn Spanish

Hey there, fellow Netflix aficionados! I've got a treat for you - my personal top picks that I'm excited to share! And hey, these recommendations are based on my own preferences, not just ratings or popularity.

So, get ready to be entertained and immerse yourself in Spanish with these fantastic shows. For each pick, I’ll put the name, trailer, description, rating, country of origin, and genre.

Oh, and if you've got some awesome suggestions too, don't hesitate to drop them in the comments, and I'll gladly add them to the list. Let's dive into the Netflix goodness and enjoy, amigos! 🍿🎉

Narcos - Story of Pablo Escobar

Hey, amigos! Let's talk about "Narcos" - the mind-blowing series that takes you deep into the thrilling world of drug cartels!

Brace yourself for an intense, action-packed ride as you follow the rise and fall of the infamous kingpin Pablo Escobar. Set in the gritty streets of Colombia, this show is a wild mix of crime, corruption, and law enforcement drama.

With nail-biting suspense and top-notch performances, "Narcos" will have you hooked from the very first episode. This bilingual series follows both the FBI and Cali Cartel perspectives - making it about 70% in Spanish, & 30% in English - so it’s a perfect one to start with!


Country of origin



Gritty / Dark / True Crime

La Casa De Papel - Aka "Money Heist"

"Casa de Papel" aka "Money Heist" is a Spanish TV series featuring a badass gang of criminals led by a man referred to as "The Professor".

The series takes us through the mind-blowing heists, including that of the Royal Mint and Bank of Spain. This series will keep you on the edge and engaged with the Spanish language.

Hostages, emotional entanglements, and intense cat-and-mouse games with the cops add to the excitement. A great series to grab some popcorn, binge-watch, and take your Spanish to the next level!


Country of origin



Crime Tv Shows / Thriller

Made In Mexico - Best For Soap Opera Lovers

Let's talk about "Made in Mexico!” This binge-worthy reality TV series takes us on a wild ride through the glamorous lives of Mexico City's elite.

Get ready for drama, romance, and jaw-dropping moments as we follow this fabulously wealthy and stylish bunch. From posh parties to juicy scandals, they're living life to the fullest!

But don't be fooled by the glitz and glam; this show also delves into their personal struggles and aspirations. Grab a pen and paper, and you’re going to learn a ton of Mexican slang and expressions!


Country of origin



Soapy / Docusoap / Marriage

Nicky Jam - The Story Of A Musical Legend

Yo, music lovers! Let's talk about "Nicky Jam" - the addictive TV series that dives into the life of the reggaeton legend himself!

Get ready to laugh, cry, and feel inspired as this show takes you on a wild journey from humble beginnings to global fame.

From his struggles with addiction to epic comebacks, Nicky's life story is nothing short of inspiring. And of course, there are plenty of pulsating beats and catchy tunes to keep you hooked!

This show has got enough Puerto Rican slang that you’re going to be Boricua (Puerto Rican) by the end of the week! 🔥


Country of origin


Puerto Rico / Colombia / USA

Music / Tv Dramas / Inspiring

Ingobernable - The First Lady Of Mexico

"Gobernable" is a Mexican political drama series available on Netflix. The show follows the fictional life of fictional character Emilia Urquiza, the First Lady of Mexico.

After her husband, the President, dies under mysterious circumstances, Emilia becomes entangled in a web of political conspiracy and corruption.

She embarks on a quest to uncover the truth behind her husband's death and navigate the dangerous world of Mexican politics.

"Gobernable" delves into themes of power, corruption, and the resilience of a woman determined to seek justice and bring down those responsible.


Country of origin



Steamy / Supsenseful

The 3 Best Movies On Netflix To Learn Spanish

Whether you like juicy dramas, goofy comedies, or moving stories, one of these 3 movies will be for you! Don’t forget, if you have any other suggestions that you want to share with the language learning community drop them down below! Enjoy 🍿🎉

La Familia Perfecta - The Perfect Family

This movie runs you through the fear of a high-class mother when her son chooses to marry a girl from the hood.

She is sickened by the family, the girl, and the idea of the marriage being made a reality.

Watch the movie and you’ll find out how she gets humbled and learns to love her new daughter-in-law! This movie is a must-watch for anyone who wants to learn the Spanish of Spain (Castilian).


Country of origin



Comedy / Wedding / Witty

Como Caído Del Cielo - "Like Fallen From The Sky"

"Como Caído del Cielo" is a Mexican comedy film that was released on Netflix in 2019.

The film tells the story of a famous Mexican singer, Pedro Infante, who dies in a plane crash in 1957 but is miraculously sent back to Earth in 2019.

He assumes the identity of an impersonator who looks just like him and tries to reconnect with his family and revive his music career.

The film explores themes of identity, family, and the enduring legacy of the beloved Mexican icon, Pedro Infante. It's a heartwarming and humorous tale that pays tribute to the legendary singer.


Country of origin



Charming / Witty / Romantic

Ahí Te Encargo - You've Got This

When a successful workaholic wife doesn’t want to have kids like her husband does - at the worst moment a baby is dropped off the home!

From crazy attempts to hide the secret that the baby is in their apartment, to awkward moments, this comedy is a roller-coaster of emotions.

"You've Got This" reminds us that life's best surprises often come when we least expect them.


Country of origin



Comedy / Sentimental

Cuarentones - 40 Years Young (Mexico)

César, a successful chef, at forty years old suddenly discovers that his “son” is really the biological son of his wife's ex-boyfriend, who lied to him for ten years.

Depressed and defeated, he competes in an important gastronomic contest in Cancun, where he regains his self-confidence thanks to Naomi, an ironic and strong woman who teaches him to enjoy beautiful things and deal with surprises in a balanced way.


Country of origin



Inspiring / Feel-Good

3 Tips For Learning Spanish With Netflix

If you’re interested, as someone who has been learning Spanish with Netflix for years, I have some tips that you might want to hear.

These are the three things that I have learned work best and improve retention of the vocabulary and expressions that we learn.

This includes - when to watch Netflix for optimal retention rates, a Chrome extension that turns Netflix allows you to translate words while watching your movie/series.

Lastly, I'll tell you how I squeeze all of the linguistic juice out of the shows and movies I watch!

1: Watch At Night Time & You’ll Acquire More

Whenever we sleep at night, our brains process what we heard, learned, and experienced during the day. As the Sleep And Health Foundation put it - “Sleep will help make new information ‘stick’.

During sleep, the brain replays memories from the day, making the neural connections stronger.” So to leverage this known truth, I go to sleep after getting some input in my target language, which is currently French.

This reminds my brain of the importance of these words, accents, and expressions - right before the most crucial processing time of all.

2: Download & Use This Chrome Extension - Language Reactor

This Chrome Extension called “Language Reactor” can help us more efficiently study Spanish through Netflix.

This extension allows us to quickly translate words and phrases without leaving the website.

It also shows us the subtitles in Spanish and English at the same time, so you can always glance down and understand the meaning of a phrase you didn't understand.

3: Find Something You Love & Watch It Many Times

We can always acquire a language with Netflix, but to get the most out of our time, we can also study the language. The difference is that when we acquire, we are just watching, listening, and enjoying.

Whereas when we study a language, we write down words and sentences we don’t know and try to understand them. The way I study a language with Netflix is by:

  • Watching & taking notes of words and phrases I don't understand

  • Reviewing all of those words I wrote down, using SpanishDict to understand them better

  • Rewatching the episode/movie 1-3 times

  • Watching & taking notes of words and phrases I don't understand (again)

Tell Me About Your Favorite Picks In The Comments & I’ll Add Them To This List! 🍿

Check out this short article if you want to have more Reggaeton artists to listen to when studying Spanish through music.

If you want to get a free lesson with a tutor, click here and Italki will give you a free $10 credit when you schedule your first lesson within 48 hours!

¡Hasta luego amigo/a!

- Ben


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