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Full Guide: Spanish Phrases For Travel

Hola, ¿cómo estás? If you’re planning on traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, you might want to learn some phrases to connect with the culture.

For that reason, I wrote this article which will include greetings, phrases to express yourself, your needs, medical emergencies, ordering in restaurants, getting reservations, and making your way around town on a night out.

Get out a pen and paper so that you can write down the phrases that you might need during your travels and let’s get ourselves ready for the trip of a lifetime, vamos!

cartoon plane with a title that says "Travel In Spanish: Complete guide"

Meeting And Greeting 🙋‍♂️

When greeting a person in a Spanish-speaking society, it’s less common to ask “How are you” for example. These suggestions go from the most common (at the top) to the least common (at the bottom). Let’s check them out!

cartoon girl waving and a title that says "Hola, como estas?"

Hey, How are you? 😁

Hola - Hello (casual and universal)

Buenos días - Good morning

Buenas tardes - Good afternoon

Buenas - Good evening (a bit casual)

Buenas noches - Good evening/night

¿Cómo estás? - How are you? (casual)

¿Qué tal? - What's up? (casual)

¿Cómo te va? - How's it going? (casual)

¿Cómo le va? - How's it going? (formal)

¿Cómo está usted? - How are you? (formal)

¿Cómo va todo? - How's everything going?

Who you are, and where you come from… 😄

Me llamo [your name] - My name is…

¿Cómo te llamas? - What’s your name? (casual)

¿Cómo se llama usted? - What’s your name? (formal)

Soy de [your country] - I am from…

¿De dónde eres? - Where are you from? (casual)

¿De dónde es usted? - Where are you from? (formal)

¿Cuántos años tienes? - How old are you? (casual)

¿Cuántos años tiene usted? - How old are you? (formal)

Tengo [your age] años. - I am [your age] years old.

Trabajo como [your profession] - I work as a [your profession]

¿A qué te dedicas? - What do you do for a living?

Goodbye! 👋

Adiós - Goodbye (universal and commonly used).

Hasta luego - See you later.

Hasta pronto - See you soon.

Hasta mañana - See you tomorrow.

Nos vemos luego - We'll see each other later

Hasta la próxima - Until next time.

Que tengas un buen día - Have a good day. (casual)

Que tengas una buena tarde/noche - Have a good afternoon/night. (casual)

Que tenga una buena tarde/noche - Have a good evening/night. (formal)

Buenas noches - Goodnight.

Nos vemos mañana - See you tomorrow.

Chao, nos vemos pronto - Bye, see you soon.

Cuídate - Take care.

Expressing Needs 🙆‍♂️

There are many ways to express ones needs in Spanish, the most common ways would be “Necesito…” (I need) and “Quisiera…” (I would like). Let’s take a look at some common phrases that are used by tourists when in Spanish speaking countries.

picture of a girl saying "PLZ" and a title that says "Hola, necesito ayuda"

I need… 😵

Necesito encontrar un hotel - I need to find a hotel.

Necesito ayuda - I need help.

¿Puede ayudarme, por favor? - Can you help me, please? (formal)

Necesito información sobre... - I need information about...

¿Dónde está...? - Where is...?

¿Dónde puedo encontrar un cajero automático? - Where can I find an ATM?

Necesito un cargador - I need a charger.

Necesito un taxi - I need a taxi.

¿Dónde está la farmacia más cercana? - Where is the nearest pharmacy?

¿Dónde está el baño? - Where is the restroom?

I would like to… 💁‍♂️

Me gustaría reservar una habitación para dos personas. - I would like to book a room for two people.

Me gustaría una mesa para cuatro personas. - I would like a table for four people.

Me gustaría probar platos típicos de la región. - I would like to try regional dishes.

Quisiera alquilar un coche por una semana. - I would like to rent a car for a week.

Me gustaría conocer más acerca de la historia local. - I would like to learn more about local history.

Quisiera una botella de agua, por favor. - I would like a bottle of water, please.

Me gustaría tomar un taxi al aeropuerto. - I would like to take a taxi to the airport.

Quisiera una mesa junto a la ventana. - I would like a table by the window.

Me gustaría comprar souvenirs para mi familia. - I would like to buy souvenirs for my family.

Quisiera una copa de vino tinto. - I would like a glass of red wine.

Me gustaría visitar la catedral el viernes. - I would like to visit the cathedral on Friday.

Could you..? 👀

¿Podría recomendarme un buen restaurante local? - Could you recommend a good local restaurant?

¿Podría ayudarme a traducir este texto al inglés? - Could you help me translate this text into English?

¿Podría ayudarme a encontrar mi equipaje perdido? - Could you help me find my lost luggage?

¿Podría recomendarme un hotel económico en la zona? - Could you recommend a budget hotel in the area?

¿Podría hacer una reserva para dos personas en su restaurante esta noche? - Could you make a reservation for two people at your restaurant tonight?

¿Podría ayudarme a encontrar un cajero automático cercano? - Could you help me find a nearby ATM?

¿Podría recomendarme un lugar para comprar souvenirs? - Could you recommend a place to buy souvenirs?

¿Podría decirme el precio de esto? - Could you tell me the price of this?

¿Podría darme un poco más de tiempo para decidir? - Could you give me a bit more time to decide?

Ordering Food At A Restaurant 🌮

Maybe you’re not near the resorts and you chose to take a trip into the home of the locals, let’s learn how you can make it through a meal in a Spanish restaurant without any English (because you might need to be able to).

cartoon girl with her hand up and a title that says "La cuenta, por favor"

¿Qué le gustaría comer? - What would you like to eat? (formal)

Me gustaría comer… - I would like to eat the…

¿Podría darme un poco más de tiempo para decidir? - Could you give me a bit more time to decide?

Quisiera el menú, por favor. - I would like the menu, please.

¿Qué me recomienda? - What do you recommend?

Para empezar, quiero... - To start, I'd like...

¿Tienen platos vegetarianos? - Do you have vegetarian dishes?

¿Qué opciones tienen sin gluten? - What gluten-free options do you have?

¿Cuál es el plato del día? - What is the dish of the day?

Quiero el plato bien hecho/poco hecho. - I want the dish well done/rare.

Para beber, quiero... - For a drink, I'd like...

¿Tienen vino tinto/blanco de la región? - Do you have red/white wine from the region?

¿Puedo ver la carta de vinos? - Can I see the wine list?

¿Tienen cerveza local? - Do you have local beer?

La cuenta, por favor. - The check, please.

Vocabulary Needed For The Airport ✈️

You made it to the airport! The hard work is almost finished, now you have to get your bags, fill out a form, and make your way to the last security checkpoint. In case you bump into some workers that don’t speak English, let’s take a look at some words you might need to know to communicate with them.



The airport

El aeropuerto

The flight

El vuelo

The terminal

La terminal

The boarding gate

La puerta de embarque

The suitcase

La maleta

Carry-on luggage

El equipaje de mano

The plane ticket

El billete/boleto de avión

The passport

El pasaporte

The boarding pass

La tarjeta de embarque

Security checkpoint

El control de seguridad


La aduana


La salida


La llegada


El retraso


La cancelación

Direct flight

El vuelo directo


La escala

Waiting area

La sala de espera

Medical Emergencies 🤮

Wow, let’s hope you don’t need any of these, but in the case that something happens to you or someone you love, let’s learn some phrases to communicate during an emergency.

Cartoon man holding his stomach with a title that says "Por favor, necesito un medico"

General Phrases:

¡Ayuda! - Help!

Necesito un médico. - I need a doctor.

Llame a una ambulancia, por favor. - Call an ambulance, please.

Me duele... - It hurts (point to the affected area).

Tengo una emergencia médica. - I have a medical emergency.

Estoy enfermo/enferma. - I am sick.

Necesito ir a un hospital. - I need to go to a hospital.

Estoy teniendo dificultad para respirar. - I am having trouble breathing.

Tengo alergia a [substance]. - I am allergic to [substance].

Soy diabético/diabética. - I am diabetic.

Soy alérgico/alérgica a los medicamentos. - I am allergic to medications.

Tengo presión arterial alta/baja. - I have high/low blood pressure.

Describing Symptoms:

Me siento mareado/mareada. - I feel dizzy.

Me duele la cabeza. - My head hurts.

Me duele el estómago. - My stomach hurts.

Tengo fiebre. - I have a fever.

Tengo tos. - I have a cough.

Me duele la garganta. - My throat hurts.

Tengo diarrea. - I have diarrhea.

Me siento débil. - I feel weak.

Estoy vomitando. - I am vomiting.

Communicating Allergies:

Soy alérgico/alérgica a [medication/food/other substance]. - I am allergic to [medication/food/other substance].

No puedo tomar [medication]. - I cannot take [medication].

Necesito un medicamento para [condition]. - I need medication for [condition].

Basic Questions:

¿Dónde está el hospital más cercano? - Where is the nearest hospital?

¿Cuál es el número de emergencia médica? - What is the medical emergency number?

¿Tiene seguro médico? - Do you have medical insurance?

¿Dónde puedo encontrar una farmacia? - Where can I find a pharmacy?

¿Qué debo hacer? - What should I do?

¿Puede ayudarme, por favor? - Can you help me, please?

Spanish Travel Phrases For A Night Out 💑

Already, now we’re having fun! Nights out on the town in Spanish-speaking countries are incredible, but not every bartender and waitress speaks English, so let’s learn how to enjoy our night out in style. Don’t forget to write the ones you’ll need down so that you can remember them easier.

Picture of a bunch of cartoon people having fun with a title that says "Guau! Estoy pasandola genial"

Quisiera una cerveza, por favor. - I would like a beer, please.

Me gustaría un vino tinto/blanco. - I would like a red/white wine.

¿Tienen cócteles especiales? - Do you have any special cocktails?

¿Puedo ver la carta de bebidas? - Can I see the drink menu?

Un margarita, por favor. - A margarita, please.

¿Tienen cerveza artesanal local? - Do you have local craft beer?

¿Qué recomiendas para un trago fuerte? - What do you recommend for a strong drink?

¿Quieres bailar? - Do you want to dance?

¿Cómo te llamas? - What's your name?

¿De dónde eres? - Where are you from?

¿Cuánto tiempo llevas aquí? - How long have you been here?

¡Salud! - Cheers!

¿Dónde está el baño? - Where is the bathroom?

¿Puedes recomendarme otros lugares divertidos para salir? - Can you recommend other fun places to go?

Estoy pasándola genial. - I'm having a great time.

Es una noche increíble. - It's an amazing night.

¡Vamos a divertirnos! - Let's have fun!

Spanish Hotel Vocabulary & Phrases 🏢

Just like with the bars and taxis, you’re not guaranteed that the hotel will have employees working that speak English. Here are some common words and phrases that we might need to know when checking in, checking out, and requesting information.

picture of a hotel and money and a title that says "Cual es el precio por noche?"

Hotel Vocabulary:



The hotel

El hotel

The reception

La recepción

The receptionist

La recepcionista

The room

La habitación

The room key/card

La llave/la tarjeta de la habitación

The elevator

El ascensor

The bed

La cama

The bathroom

El baño

The shower

La ducha

The towel

La toalla

The shampoo

El champú

The air conditioning

El aire acondicionado

The heating

La calefacción

The television

La televisión

The telephone

El teléfono

The view

La vista

The pool

La piscina

The gym

El gimnasio

The breakfast

El desayuno

The restaurant

El restaurante

The Wi-Fi/Internet access

La wifi/el acceso a internet

The reservation

La reserva

The check-in

El check-in

The check-out

El check-out

Room service

El servicio de habitaciones

The bill

La factura

Common Hotel-Related Phrases:

¿Tienen habitaciones disponibles para esta noche? - Do you have rooms available for tonight?

Quisiera hacer una reserva para [#] noches. - I would like to make a reservation for [number] nights.

¿A qué hora es el check-in/check-out? - What time is check-in/check-out?

Necesito una habitación para dos/tres personas. - I need a room for two/three people.

¿Puede proporcionarme una habitación con una cama extra? - Can you provide me with a room with an extra bed?

¿Cuál es el precio por noche? - What is the price per night?

¿Aceptan tarjetas de crédito? - Do you accept credit cards?

¿Hay servicio de habitaciones? - Is there room service?

¿Cuál es la contraseña del wifi? - What is the Wi-Fi password?

¿Tiene alguna habitación con vista al mar? - Do you have any rooms with a sea view?

¿Hay un gimnasio o una piscina en el hotel? - Is there a gym or a pool in the hotel?

¿A qué hora sirven el desayuno? - What time is breakfast served?


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