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The Best Flashcard Apps for iPhone and Android

We got our Busuu, our Duolingo, but what if you want to learn specific vocabulary? Sometimes we are out and about and get time down, this is the perfect time to take a step towards fluency!

In this article, we are going to go over the most extraordinary flashcard apps that can be found on the app store for iPhone and Android devices.

"The best mobile flashcards"

1: DuoCards - Flashcard App With Extra Features 👌

DuoCards is my all-around favorite on this list. It offers an easily understood interface with the ability to create and use pre-made flashcard sets.

It also contains a one-of-a-kind word aggregation system where you can put an extension on your Chrome browser and add words to your flashcard sets while your learning on other websites.

We can also learn from the YouTube videos that are transcribed within the app. Making learning conversation phrases from videos fast and easy.

This app is by far the best free app I have seen on the market, and if you want to support the creators by paying for the subscription you will get

  • Ability to make unlimited cards a day (Free only allows 20)

  • Ability to study without any Ads

  • Choose from App themes to customize the look and feel

duocards in app screenshots


  • Chrome extension for adding words to flashcards while searching the web

  • Pre-made flashcard decks

  • Built-in “learn from videos” section with transcriptions

  • Easy to create flashcard decks

  • Easily navigable interface


  • Advertisements

  • Limited flashcards can be made per day without a subscription

Rating: 4.8/5

Price of Premium: $35-55/Year

2: Flashcards - Simple Flashcards📲

Flashcards offers a super simple and bare-bones app that can suit the basic needs of someone just looking for normal, everyday flashcards.

In the learning section that appears when you click a flash card set that you made it offers you many ways to review such as a “basic review” “select definition” or “matching” etc.

The best part about this app is how easy it is to create new flashcard sets.

They say that we can import cards from other sources but don’t provide a way to go about that – so I would say it's just best for creating your own sets.

If you want to go with the premium that would offer you the two following benefits

  • Detailed statistics on your progress

  • Allows you to listen to the audio when you see the card

Is it as good as DuoCards? Nope, however, the price isn't as steep as DuoCards either – and it is only one single payment rather than a subscription

flash cards app screenshot


  • Easily navigable interface

  • Not too many things to overwhelm the user


  • No access to validated pre-made cards

  • Doesn't give much progress stats without paying

  • Nothing more than a flashcard app


Price of Premium: $25/Lifetime

3: Lexilize Flash Cards: Premade Flashcard Decks

Lexilize is a flash card app that gives us a ton of pre-validated pre-made flashcard sets. Thank goodness. I used to not be a big fan of pre-made flashcard sets because I have seen some that contained vocab that was just incorrect.

However, knowing that a company has had somebody check these makes it a lot easier to trust.

The app includes flashcard sets made based on topics such as – People/Food/Drinks/Appearance/Health/etc.

And you can make your own flashcard sets super easily and add pictures, and audio without any subscription!

Although Lexilize already includes just about everything we would need, there is a premium version that gives us

  • Access to better statistical data about our growth

  • No Ads

  • Add and learn up to 15 Languages

  • Synchronization across all devices

  • The ability to change the parameters for the Spaced Repetition program used.

lexilize flashcards in app screenshot


  • Incredibly organized pre-made flashcard decks

  • Easily navigable interface

  • Ability to add pictures and audio with no subscription


  • Need a subscription to learn multiple languages

  • Cant synchronize the app to other devices without a subscription

  • Advertisements

Rating: 4.5/5

Price of Premium: $3.99/1 Month [$34.99/1 Year] or $89.99/Lifetime

4: AnkiDroid - The OG Flashcard App

AnkiDroid is as stable as the version for PC/Mac. It has basic functionality when compared to the other apps on this list. It comes equipped with an extremely easy-to-navigate interface and a plethora of pre-made flashcard decks.

It also includes a full statistical analysis of your progress over the last day, week, and month.

The reason why this app comes down towards the bottom end of my list is simply that I have had bad experiences with some of the flashcard decks made by other users.

As a beginner, we don’t know right from wrong in the language we are pursuing, and when learning a foreign language we need quality information at all times.

That being said, if you are looking for an easy-to-use, completely free app (especially to make your own decks) this one might just be the perfect app.

ankidroid flash card app screenshot


  • No distractions

  • Easy to use

  • Fun statistics section for progress tracking

  • Many pre-made flashcard decks


  • Not a very attractive interface

  • Some information may not be trustworthy

Rating: 4/5

Price of Premium: Free

5: Quizlet - The Most Beautiful Flashcard App

Quizlet is the app that has helped me learn more words than any other, I still use it to this day but not as much as I would like to… This app is beautiful and comes equipped with so many great features, however, these days many of the features require that you pay for a subscription.

Nonetheless, for a basic flashcard app, I still love Quizlet more than AnkiDroid because it has the most simple, yet sophisticated design.

When utilizing Quizlet you find that making flashcards is extremely easy to do and you can use them across any device that you have just by logging into your account.

The worst part about this app is that they are constantly trying to push you to pay the subscription.

quizlet flash card app screenshot


  • Beautiful and simple design

  • Cross-platform use is extremely simple

  • Pre-made flashcard decks are easily accessible


  • The testing feature is only for subscribers

  • No statistical data to show all progress made using the app

Rating: 4.2/5

Price of Premium: $7.99/Month ($2.99/Month - if you pay yearly)

picture that says "The Best Mobile Flashcard Apps"

Conclusion: The Best Flashcard Apps For iPhone and Android

The Best Flashcard App for iPhone and Android on this list if you are looking for all the bells and whistles that can be offered - is DuoCards. If you however are looking for just a flashcard app with no other distractions - AnkiDroid or Lexilize might be the best ones to try.

I hope that this helped you find the best flashcard app for your mobile device! Comment any other suggestions you have for mobile flashcard apps to be featured on this article.

If you have any suggestions for apps that should be on this list, shoot me a message and I'd love to review them!

Have a wonderful day,



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