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The Best Reggaetón Artists To Learn Spanish

Are you ready to acquire words, native pronunciation, and grammar while listening to dope music?

Listening to Reggaetón has probably (in total) added 4,000+ words to my Spanish vocabulary over the years. My Reggaetón addiction might also be the reason why in Central America, people say I have a Caribbean Accent when I speak Spanish.

But hey! I’ll take a “Caribbean Accent” over a gringo one any day.

Let’s go over my best suggestions for you so that you can start your journey learning through Spanish music. ¡Empecemos! (Let’s start)

picture of a cartoon daddy yankee infron of a stage with huge title that says "Learn Spanish With Reggaeton"

Summary: Best Reggaetón Artists To Learn Spanish

If you want to learn Spanish with Reggaetón music, here is a list of my top 5 picks for you:

  • Bad Bunny

  • Anuel AA

  • Eladio Carrión

  • Tiago PZK

  • Mora

Remember that you should be conscious of where the artist you are listening to is from. If you are listening to Puerto Rican artists such as Mora, you might hear Puerto Rican words that make 0 sense to most Mexicans or Hondurans (for example).

Without further ado, let's hop into the best Reggaetón artists to get you started learning Spanish with this sick genre!

Can You Learn Spanish Through Reggaetón?

You absolutely can! Reggaetón is extremely helpful to learn Spanish due to its catchy rhythms, and repetitive choruses. By paying attention to vocabulary, and conjugations you can definitely acquire the Spanish language through this genre. I suggest this method for any Spanish learner.

Learn Spanish Vocabulary With Reggaetón

When listening to Reggaetón artists, you should keep in mind where the artist is from. Many are from Puerto Rico and because of this, I know many Puerto Rican words. However right now I am in Panama, and many of those words such as “Janguear” don’t exist here.

So just be conscious of where the artists you are from. You're probably hearing country-specific vocabulary whenever you listen to reggaetón.

micheal scott saying "what??"

Learn Native Pronunciation Of Caribbean Dialects

Reggaetón Artists in general, even if they aren’t from Puerto Rico, will usually rap and sing with a Caribbean-like accent. Take Quevo for example, he is from Spain but imitates (wonderfully) the Latino-American accent of Spanish.

Think about how many rappers in English don't have “hood accents” but put them on while they rap - it’s the same thing.

Some things you can expect in Reggaeton Pronunciation are:

  • The Ds disappearing (Complicado = Complica’o)

  • The Ss disappearing (Estaba = E’taba)

  • The Rs at the end of the word become Ls (Amor = Amol)

Best Reggaeton Artists From Puerto Rico

Let’s go over where the most notable reggaetón artists come from - Puerto Rico.

If you want to learn Puerto Rican Spanish this will be the perfect list for you!

Daddy Yankee - Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez

Daddy Yankee is a legend in the world of reggaetón. He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1977 and has an almost unlimited track list released for you to explore.

Here is one of my favorite songs from him (and Bad Bunny) that I used to learn vocabulary.

Bad Bunny - Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio

Bad Bunny, a Puerto Rican singer, and rapper, has taken the music world by storm with his unique blend of Latin trap, reggaetón, and hip-hop. Known for his bold lyrics and eccentric style, he has become a global sensation.

Collaborating with A-list artists and releasing chart-topping hits, Bad Bunny's music videos have amassed millions of views.

With his infectious energy and boundary-pushing music, Bad Bunny has become an influential figure, inspiring change and captivating audiences far beyond the Spanish-speaking countries.

Nicky Jam - Nick Rivera Caminero

Nicky Jam, the acclaimed Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, and actor, has made a significant impact on the music industry. With his captivating blend of reggaetón, Latin pop, and hip-hop, Nicky Jam has garnered a global fan base.

Known for his infectious energy and memorable hits like "El Perdón" and "Hasta el Amanecer," he has collaborated with renowned artists and solidified his position in the Latin music scene.

Nicky Jam's personal journey of resilience and redemption has inspired many, making him a relatable and admired figure. If you want to know his story, there is a super dope Netflix series about his life!

Rauw Alejandro - Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz

Rauw Alejandro is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, and rising star in the music industry.

Born on January 10, 1993, he has quickly gained recognition for his captivating blend of reggaetón, Latin pop, and R&B. Rauw's smooth vocals, catchy melodies, and charismatic stage presence have garnered him a devoted fan base.

With hits like "Tattoo," "Todo de Ti," and collaborations with artists like Anuel AA and Selena Gomez, Rauw Alejandro has solidified his position as a promising talent.

Known for his innovative sound and creative music videos, he continues to make waves in the Latin music scene, poised for even greater success.

Anuel AA - Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago

Anuel AA, whose real name is Emmanuel Santiago, is a Puerto Rican rapper, singer, and songwriter. Born on November 27, 1992, he gained prominence in the Latin-trap and reggaetón genres.

Anuel's music is characterized by his raw lyrics, gritty delivery, and street-inspired storytelling.

Known for his distinctive voice and charismatic persona, he has released numerous hit singles, including "Ella Quiere Beber," "Secreto," and collaborations with artists such as Daddy Yankee and Karol G.

Anuel's music often reflects his personal experiences and struggles, resonating with a wide audience. With his unique style and undeniable talent, he has become a major force in the Latin music industry.

Mora - Gabriel Armando Mora Quintero

Mora, whose real name is Luis Manuel Llórens Vega, is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, and producer. Rising to prominence in the Latin music scene, he has become known for his versatile musical style, encompassing reggaetón, trap, and R&B.

Mora's captivating vocals, emotive lyrics, and melodic hooks have earned him a dedicated fan base.

With hit songs like "Tequila" and collaborations with renowned artists such as Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez, Mora has solidified his position as a rising star. His music often explores themes of love, heartbreak, and personal growth, resonating with listeners worldwide.

Mora's talent and artistic vision continue to propel his success in the industry.

Best Reggaeton Artists From Other Countries

It’s not just Puerto Rico that produces new Reggaeton artists yearly.

Argentina has a ton of notably famous and excellent artists too. Let’s take a deeper look!

Eladio Carrión - Eladio Carrión Morales

Eladio Carrión is an American rapper and singer who has made significant waves in the Latin trap and hip-hop scenes. Born on February 24, 1994, he gained prominence with his distinct voice, versatile flows, and introspective lyrics.

Eladio has released several successful projects, including albums like "Sauce Boyz" and "Monarca." He is known for his collaborations with fellow artists such as Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Lunay.

Eladio's music often explores themes of personal experiences, relationships, and his journey in the music industry. With his unique style and growing fan base, he continues to make an impact in the Latin music landscape.

Tiago PZK - Tiago Uriel Pacheco Lezcano

Tiago PZK is an Argentine rapper and singer who rose to prominence as a member of the musical group "Mambo Killers." Born as Tiago Pascual Zacarías, he gained recognition for his energetic performances and catchy trap-infused songs.

Tiago's music often revolves around themes of youth, love, and street culture. He has released solo tracks like "Resistiré" and "Canción de Amor" that have garnered millions of views on streaming platforms.

Tiago PZK's charismatic personality and distinctive musical style have contributed to his growing popularity, solidifying his presence in the Latin music scene.

Duki - Mauro Ezequiel Lombardo

Duki, whose real name is Mauro Ezequiel Lombardo, is an Argentine rapper and singer who has made a significant impact in the Latin trap and hip-hop genres. Born on February 24, 1996, he gained prominence through his participation in freestyle rap battles and his viral YouTube videos.

Duki's music is characterized by his raw lyrics, charismatic delivery, and trap-infused beats.

He has released successful solo tracks like "Si Te Sentis Sola" and "Goteo," which have garnered millions of views and streams. With his distinct style and edgy persona, Duki has become a prominent figure in the Latin music scene, captivating audiences worldwide.

Khea - Ivo Alfredo Thomas Serue

Khea, whose real name is Ivo Alfredo Thomas Serue, is an Argentine rapper and singer known for his contributions to the Latin trap and reggaetón genres.

Born on May 13, 2000, he gained international recognition with his breakthrough hit "Loca" featuring Duki and Cazzu. Khea's music is characterized by his melodic flow, catchy hooks, and fusion of trap and reggaeton beats.

He has collaborated with prominent artists like Bad Bunny and Karol G, further solidifying his position in the Latin music scene. With his unique style and youthful energy, Khea continues to make an impact and attract a growing fan base.

Conclusion: Learn Spanish With Reggeaton?

If you want to learn the Spanish language and you like rap and pop, reggaetón might be the best genre for you! I personally have spent hundreds of hours listening to reggaetón music over the years while I studied Spanish.

Its rhythm and repetitive choruses make for a perfect way to remember new vocabulary consistently.

If you want to learn the most common Spanish dialect that is heard in Reggaetón music, check out this article about the Puerto Rican Dialect.

If you want to get a free lesson with a tutor, click here and Italki will give you a free $10 credit when you schedule your first lesson within 48 hours!

Have a great day/evening/night!



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