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Master B1 English Vocabulary With These Verbs, Adjectives, And Nouns

Did you know that the B2 level is considered by many to be the first stage of fluency? It’s true, and if you have a B1 level right now, you’re almost there. That’s pretty impressive!

You must have studied for so many hours to get to where you are today, and now you’re reaching an incredible level where your abilities to speak and understand will skyrocket.

Personally, I just reached this level in French last month, and I’m shocked, I mean, we’re only one level away from fluency!

Let’s go over this super important B1 vocabulary so that you can be on your way to mastering the B1 level and move forward to the new life that awaits you.

cartoon brain holding a weight over his head and it says "Master B1 Level In English: Vocab List"

What Does It Mean To Have A B1 In English?

Achieving a B1 level in English implies a solid intermediate proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

At this stage, individuals can effectively communicate on familiar topics, expressing themselves with clarity in everyday conversations.

It’s estimated that to reach this level, one needs a vocabulary of about 1,900 words, and about 400 hours of total time studied. With a B1 level in English you should be able to:

  • Introduce yourself (more or less) fluently

  • Have basic conversations while making some mistakes

  • Talk about your background, family, hobbies, and interests

  • Go to a restaurant and order in the language

  • Read and understand stories for children

Practical Strategies for Learning B1 Vocabulary

If you haven’t quite reached the B1 level yet, many methods can get you there quickly. For example, it took me only 2 months to get from A2 to B1 in French! In this section, I’ll tell you exactly how I was able to achieve that in such a short amount of time.

Immersive learning techniques

There are many ways that you can immerse yourself in the English language, even if you don’t live in an English-speaking country. My favorite techniques that I personally use are:

B1 Level English Adjective List

In the chart I created below, I put 18 of the most commonly used (B1) adjectives. If you learn all of these, you’ll be in a good position to pass a B1 English test. Here is the link to a Quizlet Flashcard deck that I made for you with these words.

B1 English Adjective

Sentence Example


I am happy


That song is sad


Your brother is angry


My mother is excited


I am nervous for the meeting


She's tired from working


Your father is funny


Act serious! This isn't a joke


Are you busy right now?


He is a kind man


They are mean people


You arrived late, again


I tried to arrive early


You will be successful learning English


He was unsuccessful in his attempts


She needs to be responsible


He is so irresponsible


This ice-cream is delicious

B1 Level English Verb List

You probably already know some of these verbs but make sure you have all of them memorized because they are needed to be at the B1 level in English. Read them over and if you are having a hard time remembering some - use this Quizlet Flashcard Deck that I made for you with all of them.

B1 English Verb

Sentence Example

To go

I want to go home

To come

Does she want to come tonight?

To work

I don't want to work

To read

I am going to read today

To write

I will write a book

To speak

Do you know how to speak English?

To listen

I want to listen to music

To watch

I could watch movies everyday

To understand

I wish I could understand English better

To study

I am going to study English everyday

To learn

I want to learn Spanish

To teach

I am going to teach French

To buy

I did not buy that book

To sell

Can you sell me a cup of juice?

To call

Try to call me this evening

To visit

I will visit Peru

To eat

I want to eat soon

To drink

​Would you like something to drink?

To cook

I want to cook today

To clean

I tried to clean the house

To travel

I like to travel sometimes

To live

I want to live in Brazil

To ask

I would like to ask you something

To answer

Can you answer the question?

To tell

Try to tell me something I don't know

To help

I want to help you

To wait

Why can't you wait until next week?

To plan

I wanted to plan a trip to Canada

To decide

You decide where we go

To remember

I couldn't remember the directions

To forget

I tried to forget, it didn't work

To try

I want to try that

To succeed

She has to succeed this year

To fail

I don't want to fail

To agree

Try to agree with me on this

To disagree

I don't want to disagree with you

B1 Level English Noun List

Any of these 40 English nouns could appear on a B1 test, so make sure that you know all of them. Here is the Quizlet that I made for you with these nouns. You got this!

B1 English Noun

Sentence Example


I have a big family


I want to get a job


Do you go to school?


Does she have my book?


What movie is that?


I am in New York City


I don't like this country too much


I love that car


She doesn't want to take the bus


Is there a train in this city?


I don't like being on planes


Do you have any money?


What time is it?


This room is dirty


My favorite hobby is playing guitar


I love listening to music


Do you like hiking in nature?


The weather is terrible today


I don't have a problem with that


So, what's the solution?


I have a question, teacher


Does anyone here know the answer?


Friendships help us live happier lives


I just want to feel that happiness again


She feels sadness in her heart


So what's the news? Is everything okay?

B1 Vocabulary For Giving & Taking Directions

This is the vocabulary that you will hear if you ever have to get directions in English. Furthermore, if you ever put your phone in English, you’ll hear these terms being used by your Google Maps when it gives you directions. So learn these well, you never know when you might need them.

Word/Phrase For A Direction



Turn left at the stop sign


Turn right in 1 kilometer


Go straight at the stop sign


Take the highway 71-North


Take the highway 35-South


Continue east on Spring Road for 3 kilometers


Take highway 98-West towards York

Turn around

Turn around in .5 kilometers

picture showing how to tell directions in English

Conclusion: English B1 Vocabulary List

The B1 English level is an exciting turning point, once you reach it you are officially no longer a beginner. So take it seriously, and try to learn as much as possible. Plus, if you didn’t know, the next level is B2, which is considered by many polyglots (including me) to be the first level of fluency!

Good work today, keep learning and searching for new materials and you’ll reach all of your goals and more in no time. I believe in you!

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